League Schedules

League Schedules for Bowling Leagues

Starlight Bowling, Bar & Grill has a great balance of league bowling and open play. Ready to get your team together? Contact us at 505.771.5333 for more information!

Bowling Leagues

League names in blue have their schedule available in a printable format. Please click on the name to view the document.

Day/League Time Start Date Weeks
Kings & Queens Kings & Queens 6p 8.21.17 33
Santa Ana Golf Club Santa Ana Golf Club 6p 1.8.18 16
JACL JACL 6p 8.22.17 33
Mixed Trio Mixed Trio 10a 9.5.17 33
WNM WNM 6p 9.5.17 16
Twilighters Twilighters 6p 8.23.17 33
Starlight Strikers Starlight Strikers 10a 8.17.17 33
Hot & Cold Fours Hot & Cold Fours 6p 8.24.17 33
Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck 6p 1.4.18 20
Los Amigos Los Amigos 10:00a 2.11.17 Ongoing
Los Amigos Ramps Los Amigos Ramps 10:00a 2.11.17 26
Superstars/Youth Superstars/Youth 10a 8.26.17 12
Lotto Lotto 10:00a 8.13.17 12
Las Vegas Las Vegas 4p 8.27.17 34
Rio Rancho Rockets Rio Rancho Rockets 4p 8.6.17 10
Rio Rancho Rockets Ramps Rio Rancho Rockets Ramps 4p 8.6.17 10

Hours of Operation

Sunday – Thursday
9a to 10p

Friday & Saturday
9a to 1a



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