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If your question or concern wasn’t addressed below, please take a moment to call or write when time permits. Your experience at Santa Ana Star Casino Hotel is very important to us!

Why did you change the reward requirements?
As a valued Star Rewards Club member you have earned and deserve these rewards and discounts. And we love to provide them to you. But many see our decision to stop offering incentives to non-players as an affront to seniors and the community. We are truly sorry some people feel this way. We do see this from a different perspective.

Read the full response from our CEO.

How can I say thanks for stellar service?
Want to recognize one of our team members for exceptional service? We'd love to hear it! Please call or contact us online.

I never get Free Play does it work?
First, make sure you always use your Star Rewards Card.  We review your play activity to issue rewards. The formula used for points, dollars and Free Play are all earned using the same method.

The amount you bet each spin, times the length of time you play, times the average payout percentage equals what is called theoretical win.  Theoretical win is the estimated amount the casino should win over one million spins. The casino takes a percentage of that amount to come up with the amount of Free Play awarded. 

Why did you take away my favorite slot machine?
There are many reasons why a slot machine may be removed from the gaming floor. Generally, slot machines are placed on the casino floor by popularity with guests. Your favorite slot machine might be less popular with the general public and may be removed due to lower amounts of play from others. Other reasons may include the machines becoming obsolete. Slot machines are much like computers – they need to be updated to newer versions or replaced when they reach the end of their life cycle. Technology advances quickly and the suppliers of slot machines often choose not to support older versions requiring the casino to make changes.


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