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Agreement Between Santa Ana Star Casino and Sadie’s of New Mexico Set to Expire on Jan. 31
The Pueblo of Santa Ana, N.M. – Jan. 6, 2017

The lease agreement between Santa Ana Star Casino, New Mexico's Best Bet, and Sadie's of New Mexico for the restaurant's Sadie's at The Star location is coming to an end. Sadie's at The Star, which is situated within the casino, will officially close on Jan. 31.

"Sadie's of New Mexico and Santa Ana Star Casino have had a very strong and harmonious relationship over the last five years," said Santa Ana Star Casino General Manager John Cirrincione. "Each entity decided to allow our business agreement to come to an end so each entity may pursue its priorities in a changing business environment. As we part ways on Jan. 31, we do so as friends and with mutual respect."

Sadie's at The Star opened in early 2012 and has operated within the casino, serving authentic New Mexican dishes by the world-renowned Sadie's of New Mexico.

"Santa Ana Star Casino will be developing a new restaurant in the current Sadie's area that will provide our guests with a unique and entertaining experience," said Cirrincione. "Our new restaurant is scheduled to open in early April of this year."

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About Santa Ana Star Casino

Santa Ana Star Casino, located off Highway 550 at the Jemez Dam Road, is just minutes north of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. It was the first Indian casino to operate in New Mexico, opening its doors in 1993. Santa Ana Star Casino is “New Mexico’s Best Bet!” The Star offers a Vegas-style casino experience with an infusion of New Mexican charm. Reflecting the cultural authenticity and timelessness of the great southwest, it is an easily accessible regional destination for entertainment, excitement and good, old-fashioned value.

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