Rise & Shine

Refuel yourself with a delicious cup of coffee or stop by for a quick bite to eat. Whether you need to curb your sweet-tooth cravings or satisfy your thirst, Perks has it all. 

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Pistachio specials

Pistachio Latte

Iced Pistacho Latte

Pistachio Frappuccino

Pistachio Cream Cold Brew


Refresh & Recharge

From cold brew, to Frappuccinos, to Refreshers & more, delight your senses with your favorite custom drink. 

More Than a Balanced Breakfast

Perks has an array of breakfast menu items to satiate your appetite. Try one of our hot & fresh breakfast burritos or cool down with a parfait! 

Sweets & Treats

Indulge yourself with our new & expanded dessert menu featuring pastries, cake pops & more! 

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